CityDoc Urgent Care has partnered with Urgent Care Clinical Trials

Through this strategic partnership with Urgent Care Clinical Trials, CityDoc Urgent Care located in Dallas, Texas is clearly separating themselves from other urgent care centers through their development of clinical research.

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CityDoc will now be able to offer their patients access to the latest treatments and medications. Developing new treatments and medications is vital to the advancement of medicine and right here in Dallas, Texas, CityDoc is one of the very few urgent care centers that qualifies to participate in clinical research.

We see this as a true differentiating factor when patients are looking for their medical home. Having the ability to offer medications and treatments to patients, who otherwise would not be able to seek such treatments, is incredibly valuable. With our clinical research program, patients will have access to various medical treatments including those treatments that are not yet on the market.

All the research we conduct is under the strict supervision of FDA regulations and an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Here you will find the latest news on clinical research at CityDoc Urgent Care.

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