Clinical Trials In Primary Care

What if you don’t have an urgent care facility? Can you still run clinical trials? The answer is yes. Urgent Care Clinical Trials focuses their efforts on urgent care centers but they are not restricted or limited to urgent cares. Clinical trials can be run in almost any type of physician practice. The reason we prefer to run these clinical trials in an urgent care instead of an emergency department or family practice is because urgent cares have very similar equipment when compared to an emergency department, unlike family practices. There is a lot less bureaucracy in urgent cares, making clinical trials easier to facilitate and manage than in a hospital based emergency department. It’s not to say that certain studies cannot be run in a primary care facility, because they can. We will help any type of physician practice run clinical trials, but our major market are urgent care centers.


About the Author:

The Team at Urgent Care Clinical trials is the leader in facilitating clinical research in urgent care centers and physician offices. With over 15 years in the industry, we bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to your practice.

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