In addition to welcoming patients on a walk-in basis, at In & Out Urgent Care we truly separate ourselves from other urgent care centers. Not only are we pleased to provide excellent care to our patients, we are also constantly evolving and striving to be updated on the newest, cutting edge of medicine.
Our clinical research program will help the medical community in many ways. We will be assisting in the creation of better medications, vaccines, and a healthier New Orleans! We are participating in these trials so that our research will further the understanding of the vital role that Urgent Care Centers and Walk-In Clinics play into the future of healthcare.

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are research studies in which volunteering patients may take part in. Typically, patients are compensated for their time and travel while participating in clinical research. In & Out Urgent Care uses clinical trials to find better ways to prevent, diagnose, treat illnesses, and injuries. Doctors use treatment trials to learn more about how to more effectively treat patients. This guide is for patients who may be interested in joining a treatment trial.
Clinical trials are part of a long and careful process in which often takes years. First, doctors study a new treatment in the lab. Next, such treatments are often studied in animals. If a new treatment shows promise in these studies, doctors then test those treatments in people under strict guidelines and regulations. Doctors perform these clinical research studies in three to four phases. Please contact us to learn more about clinical research and if a clinical trial is right for you and your family.

Treatment Options

Standard Treatments: There are standard treatments or “best known” treatments for most types of injuries or illnesses. Most standard treatments do change over time as physicians learn from past experience and new research. In & Out Urgent Care provides a vast amount of standard treatments daily on a walk in basis.
Clinical Trials: Clinical trials can provide the newest types of medicines or treatments that the FDA has yet to approve for the open market. In these trials, physicians may look at new ways to give specific treatments. Patients that participate in clinical trials get to play an active role in their personal healthcare. These patients will have access to treatments that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to before they become widely available to the public. But most importantly, participating patients’ help others by contributing to medical research and the medical community by helping to find cures to diseases, better treatments, and creating an overall improved quality of life for possibly millions of people.
At In & Out Urgent Care, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the newest and best medical treatments for our patients. Whether it is standard treatments or clinical research; we are dedicated to the advancement of medicine and providing care to our patients. Please contact us to learn more about clinical research and if a clinical trial is right for you and your family.

General Information About Clinical Research

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