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Feeling thirsty? New Orleans Urgent Care, In & Out Urgent Care offers IV injections.

They check your pulse and blood pressure prior to starting, as well as ask you about your medical history. Most importantly, they will ask you if you are currently taking any medications. As long as they are satisfied with you answers, they will hooked you up to an IV and injected fluids into your arm.

The typical diagnosis: mild dehydration. The treatment: hydration therapy via IV injection.

Trendy and a sometimes spendy, this new treatment is being embraced by many to treat everything from hangovers to the flu to morning sickness at this New Orleans Urgent Care. College students, professionals, and really everyone from different areas are flocking to this alternative to downing a glass of water. The New Orleans Urgent Care started Hydrate IV therapy at the beginning of this year.

Having access to immediate hydration is no longer something just for the military, professional athletes, and medical staff. New Orleans Urgent Care, In & Out Urgent Care, now brings hydration to everyone!

The medical staff at the New Orleans Based urgent care deliver the hydrate IV therapy customized IV solution designed to perk up wilting patients based on their needs. Although the blend of ingredients varies by ailment, it can include vitamin C and a mix of B vitamins. Anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medicines are added, as needed.

In most other cities, hydration therapy is talked about as the ultimate hangover cure, but thats not this urgent care’s focus. The majority of people are dehydrated and they are not drinking enough water to solve their problem.

The New Orleans urgent care say most people are not a fan of needles, but the ones used to hydrate people aren’t too intimidating. They use a small-gauge needle, almost like a pediatric needle. Most patients don’t even feel it go in.

So if you are feeling like you need a pick me up, dehydrated, or have some nausea, Head over to New Orleans urgent care, In & Out Urgent Care.

New Orleans Urgent Care


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