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Urgent Care Clinical Trials offers a significant additional revenue stream for urgent care centers

Nassau County, New York–Urgent Care Clinical Trials facilitates clinical research in urgent care environments. Not only is clinical research a point of prestige and quality for an urgent care but clinical research can significantly improve cash flow and value. With an increasingly competitive market, urgent care centers are looking for ways to increase revenues while diversifying their services in a cost effective manner. The average urgent care center nationally receives approximately $120 per patient visit, a clinical trial visit can pay over $600. Pharmaceutical companies no longer look exclusively to Academic Research Centers; in fact many sponsors prefer working with real world urgent care and treatment centers. Urgent Care Clinical Trials provides healthcare management services nationally with a deep understanding of financial and operational performances. In addition, when partnering with urgent care centers, we provide daily onsite support staff for the actual clinical trials. Our goal is to improve client’s profitability, recognition, patient relationships, and create overall value while optimizing the growth of urgent care centers through clinical research. We aim to provide urgent care centers with solutions to increase options for patients’ treatment, improving overall care, and develop significant secondary revenue streams.


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The Team at Urgent Care Clinical trials is the leader in facilitating clinical research in urgent care centers and physician offices. With over 15 years in the industry, we bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to your practice.

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