UCC Trials Expanding ISN

Urgent Care Clinical Trials is currently expanding their Investigative Site Network of urgent care centers and private practices that want to conduct clinical trials and clinical research. In addition to clinical trials being a tremendous revenue generator for urgent care centers, they help differentiate your medical practice from others, better patient relationships, and aid the development of clinical treatments.

Urgent Care Clinical Trials facilitates and manages clinical research in urgent care and private practice environments. Not only is clinical research a point of prestige and quality for your practice but clinical research can significantly improve cash flow. The average urgent care center nationally receives approximately $115 per patient visit, while current clinical trial per patient revenue can be multiple times that. Clinical research is at a prime point where trials are no longer looking to only be conducted at specific clinical research facilities, but rather in existing medical practices.

“The economic value that a clinical trials study can add to an urgent care business is significant. If an urgent care center can prove that the revenue from providing clinical trials is sustainable over time, with steady cash flow increases, the value to the urgent care business is substantial. It is important to be able to prove that the revenue associated with clinical trials is not going away and is growing in order to capture value. Thus, if an urgent care center commences a trial, they need to start another and develop a program. A clinical trials program could double the average revenue per patient, making your urgent care business more attractive and valuable to potential buyers,” said Blayne Rush, President of Ambulatory Alliances, LLC, an investment banking firm that has completed more than 250 healthcare transactions and specializing in the urgent care environment.

Clearly, there is value in a clinical trial program, but can often be challenging to execute and deliver, resulting in unmet goals, missed trials, and lack of patients. Urgent Care Clinical Trials collaboration will provide complete clinical trial management including contract negotiations, data oversight, recruitment strategies, and much more. Most importantly, Urgent Care Clinical Trials will bring relevant clinical trials to your urgent care or private practice. We provide healthcare management consulting services nationally with a deep understanding of financial and operational performances. Our goal is to improve our client’s profitability, recognition, and patient relationships, and create over all value while optimizing the growth of your urgent care or primary care center through clinical research. Our objective is to provide partnering urgent care and private practices with solutions to increase options for patients’ treatment, improve overall care, and develop significant secondary revenue streams for urgent care and primary care centers.


About the Author:

The Team at Urgent Care Clinical trials is the leader in facilitating clinical research in urgent care centers and physician offices. With over 15 years in the industry, we bring a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge to your practice.

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