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September 29, 2015- In & Out Urgent Care of New Orleans, Louisiana is not only a center for clinical research development, it’s also the premier urgent care of New Orleans. At In & Out Urgent Care, patients can receive medical treatment on a walk in basis. Meaning, you do not need a referral or an appointment, you can just walk right in. At the location in New Orleans, their medical services include treatment for non life threatening illnesses and injuries for adults and pediatrics. With onsite labs and x-ray equipment, they can effectively treat things like the flu, sports injuries, perform physicals, minor broken bones, fractures, sprains, burns, curt, and more.

It’s important to understand the level of care you need when it comes to an urgent care in New Orleans. An urgent care is a privately owned medical facility staffed with licensed medical professionals. Having an urgent care in your community, such as In & Out Urgent Care in New Orleans, is essential now a days. It’s incredibly convenient to be able to walk into a nice and new medical facility and receive treatment right then and there. But understand, an urgent care center is meant to only treat non life threatening issues. If you have a life threatening issue, the best thing to do is either call 911 immediately or get to a hospital.

Along with being able to treat patients rapidly for illnesses and injuries, In & Out Urgent Care of New Orleans offers additional services such as employer services and hydration IV’s.

Employment services include physicals, work related injuries, and drug screenings. With competitive pricing, commitment to excellence and an unparalleled degree of personalized service, In & Out Urgent Care provides companies with a convenient range of occupational and employer medical services.

Hydrating IV’s utilize IV injections to deliver fluids, vitamins, medications, or other nutritional supplements directly into your bloodstream. This is safe and effective way to receive such nutrients is only administered by medical staff at In & Out Urgent Care in New Orleans. Whether you’re recovering from too much stress, intense athletic training, or too many drinks, Hydrating at In & Out Urgent Care will help you to recover quite quickly.

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