Generate Revenue For Your Urgent Care

Clinical Trials Add Tremendous Value When Integrated With Urgent Cares

At the end of it all, what is the actual value that’s added? The urgent care market is very hot right now and the centers that are going to win are the ones that can differentiate them selves from other urgent care centers. “When evaluating a transaction in the urgent care market, buyers look for centers that are profitable, that can sustain and grow that profit and sellers are trying to differentiate themselves from other centers. Having a clinical trials program is a way to accomplish both,” says Blayne Rush, President of Ambulatory Alliances. Considering compensation for a clinical trial that can be multiples of standard care payments. “The economic value that a clinical trials study can add to an urgent care business is significant. If an urgent care center can prove that the revenue from providing clinical trials is sustainable over time, with steady cash flow increases, the value to the urgent care business is substantial. It is important to be able to prove that the revenue associated with clinical trials is not going away and is growing in order to capture value. Thus, if an urgent care center commences a trial, they need to start another and develop a program. A clinical trials program could double the average revenue per patient, making your urgent care business more attractive and valuable to potential buyers,” said Blayne.

 The bottom line is there are a lot of benefits for urgent care centers to run clinical trials. Being on the cutting edge of technology, pioneering clinical development, expanding patients exposures to medicine and treatments that they other wise wouldn’t have access to, differentiating themselves from other urgent care centers, and the monetary value are just a few that we spoke about. With the extremely low cost to get a clinical trial up and running, there are really no questions about getting involved.


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